Instructor Profile

Your Freestyle Martial Arts Instructor has a vast background in the Martial Arts. Master Angelo Martignetti has seen all aspects in the Martial Arts style and has now arrived at a system that suits this Martial Art expert.
Your Instructor has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in championship for sparring, breaking boards and performing patterns.
Master Angelo Martignetti was granted his Master 5th degree black belt in Freestyle Martial Art by Grandmaster David Turton 10th degree black belt in April 2014.

Master Angelo Martignetti has black belts in the following Martial Arts:

  • Freestyle Martial art 5th degree black belt
  • Tae Kwon Do 4th degree black belt
  • Choi Kwang Do 4th degree black belt
  • Shotokan Karate 1st degree black belt
  • Wadu Ryu Karate 1st degree black belt
Having seen first hand the dangers for health of full and semi contact sparring in other styles, he now appreciates the safe sparring principles that are practiced in Freestyle Martial Arts which puts you, the practitioner first.
Freestyle Martial Arts Raynes Park & Wimbledon club is registered with an Association called All Style Martial Art Association (ASMMA).
The head of this association is Grandmaster David Turton, black belt 10th degree. There are seminars that are held throughout the year in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.